Your Builder

With over 40 years of experience, Richard S. Jecha is the foremost construction expert in the DuPage County area.

It all started in 1958 when the company’s corporate sole settled into Naperville at six years old. These days, Naperville was truly alive with the aroma of freshly sawn lumber and the sounds of construction. Attentive to this, Richard quickly found himself daydreaming of construction and, as he grew older, seeking out each and every opportunity to learn about the craft.

During High School, Richard worked on construction sites in the evenings and studied techniques during the day. After graduation, he went on to college to complete an Architectural Design program at the College of DuPage and study art, history, and mechanical construction at Glen Ellyn JC.

Quickly becoming a technical expert in his field, he found himself teaching as much as he was learning. His unmatched understanding of materials and advanced techniques landed him jobs with Baumgartner Construction, Hamer Enterprises, and Hines Lumber. Soon, phone calls started to flood in and Rich humbly found himself in demand. Richard S. Jecha Builders was born.

Instead of tearing down the 150 year-old farmhouse they lived in, and despite interest rates of nearly 20%, Richard and his wonderful wife Rina saved up $37,000 for a new lot to build on. Amazingly, the new home sold immediately and the new owners, enthusiastic about the thoughtful composition and tasteful details, inspired Rich and Rina to go “all-in” on the company. The rest, as they say, is history (although they still haven't torn down that farmhouse).

Today Richard does three things:

First, he continues to build homes that reflect the wonderful qualities of the families for whom he builds them. It is by no coincidence that the majority of his homes haven’t been resold; each one is designed for families to grow into, timeless in detail, and uncompromising in craftsmanship.

Second, he enables business owners by creating spaces that champion their brand and inspire lasting impressions. A commercial space does not need to be cold or without personality; Rich is a low-volume builder that will focus on your unique needs and create a space that makes your customers feel at home.

Third, he remains the foremost subject-matter expert on construction within the DuPage County. Whether it’s brainstorming about your remodel, asking whether design elements will remain relevant in upcoming years, or trying to make sense of DuPage's unique regulatory environment, Richard cannot be beat. He is humble, selfless, and most importantly: not a salesman.

Let his passion work for you. Hit the contact button below to get started.